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VLOG - New Home Journey + New Construction Home + Progress + We Have Plumbing!


VLOG - New Home Journey (Our New Build Home)

New Vlog of the Year 2022 And we are starting a new journey in our lives. We bought a new home. Im so excited for us. If you saw a few Vlogs ago, we were house hunting. We finally made the decision on our dream home.  We are building our home from the ground up, So a Simi costume build.  We are so excited to bring you guys along on our journey. I'll be sharing all the steps along the way. This Vlog shows our going under contract.  We finalize all of the structural upgrades before signing which was another stressful process for us due to budget. And going to our design studio appointment and selecting all of our interior upgrades.  But at the end of it all I think we made al good choices to our taste and liking and I can't wait to Vlog our journey. 2022 is gonna be a good year for us.  Oh and it was not the kitchen, it was the Office/ Vlog-Blogger Room. 😊  If you have any specific questions feel free to ask them down in the comments.    Time Stamps  0:00 Intro  0:08 Nov 4th 202

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