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My name is Gabby
I’m originally from Mexico but was raised in a small town in Fresno ,CA. I lived in Orange County and Los Angeles for many years before I packed it up and headed to Las Vegas, NV. 
I'm recently married. June 2nd, 2021  with Sean who is an amazing husband. We've been together since 2018. We have two fur-babies Dory and Bella. Dory is a bossy little Yorkie who acts like the mom of the household, who loves her ball and treats.
Bella is a French bulldog who is possibly the neediest dog I've ever known and loves anything that has to do with food. (woof woof)
I have always had a passion for creating things. I bought my first camcorder and started to vlog before YouTube was even big. I got distracted by life, however, and never posted anything. I’m sure you all know how that goes. Being somewhat of an introvert, I used to share bits of my life on Instagram to only those closest to me. What started out as a private profile, became public as I became more comfortable with who I am. Why hide from the world?
I wanted to create this blog for my friends and followers to get to know me more as a person instead of just a photo and a caption. I’ll be sharing my passions for fashion, beauty, fitness, travel and my favorite tech.
I’ll share how I've grown through the years and I’m excited to have you join me in my journey!


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