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At Home Starbucks Refresher

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Since we are all self quarantined right now, making a run to Starbucks everyday is not in everyone's budget. It's  beginning to get hot here in Las Vegas. I wanted to share my version of a one of my favorite Starbucks drinks that you can make at home. This is a refreshing drink for when I'm in the mood for one without breaking the bank.

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  • First off you'll need a reusable Starbucks venti cup. Or any cup will do.
  • Starbucks Via Instant Refreshers Mix. ( Very Berry Hibiscus) 
  • About 3 strawberries 
  • Half a cup of raspberries 
  • Half a cup of blueberries 
  • 2 mint leaves (or more depending on your preferences)
  • 1 cup of ice cubes or crushed ice.
  • 2 cups of water

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In a bowl I mixed all berries together including the mint leavers. Then I used a mortar to crush all the berries and mint together to get good chunks. 
In my Starbucks Venti cup I added half a packet of the Starbucks Via Instant Refresher mix. You don't need to use all of it since the packet is already sweet, and you'll be adding the berries.
I then added the berries in my cup. And added my 1 cup of ice cubes and 2 cups of water.
Gave it a good shake. And thats it
You now have my take on my favorite Starbucks Refreshers drink.
Good thing about this by using half a packet of the instant Starbucks Refresher you're only having 7grams of sugar. When normally you have 14 grams.

You can always use soda water instead of water for a more bubbly drink.
Ill link the Starbucks Venti cup and the refreshers packets for you guys if you are not able to get one at your local Starbucks. 

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I hope you guys try it out and if you do let me know if you like it. 
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