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Men's Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is not just for us women. You cant forget about that special guy in your life. As all the women's section is almost sold out. The men have tons of inventory in stock. 
I know fathers day passed. But what about fall or winter. Or a new suit for work, or joggers for the gym. What about a new pair of shoes for work or just a day off shoes to run errands. 
The list can go on. Men don't usually shop for themselves. Or if you're a guy reading this and you do and are curious what all this commotion is about this is what it is. It's a great SALE to shop for. It's easy to shop simply click on any photo to shop for the items pictured add to the cart and that's it. 
Down below you'll see items I curated for you that are my favorites. 
Happy Shopping
XO Gabby
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