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Lets pack for Hawaii

So ill be traveling to Hawaii for our Honeymoon/ Vacation. And I can't be more excited about our trip. We will be visiting O'ahu for 7 days, and staying in Honolulu. This will be our first time visiting so we are looking forward to enjoying some time together in this beautiful city.
Since we are on pandemic pricing Hawaii was the easiest and closest destination that was beach related. I'm a sucker for the beach and could live by the ocean if I could. I normally visit Miami Beach for vacation. But we wanted to switch things up and try something new. I've been planning for weeks and getting all the essentials ill need on this trip. And when I mean essentials I mean outfits for the gram of course. So I've curated a list of items I've purchased to take on this trip with us. 

Size reference
5'5 145lbs 34D 28-inch waist. 

Let's talk Beach Wear
1. This two-piece swimsuit that you see a lot of bloggers wear on their beach photos.
I have to say it's worth it. I got it in size M and fits perfectly. can't beat that for just under $25🌺

2. These other two-piece is also a favorite it comes in so many patterns and colors. I got this one is S a lot of the reviews say it runs big, And yes I agree the swimsuit fits me just right. I choose this tropical one because I figure Hawaii why not. This one is under $30🌺

3. Of course you need a cover-up. So I went with this v-neck knitted drawstring on both sides design.
I got it in white, and it's a one-size-fits-all. I kind of wish I went with the tan more. Cause the white is not really white, It's more of a beige. But it will still work. This one is under $20🌺

4. I purchased this straw hat it was on sale. It definitely gives me beach vibes with this one. perfect for laying out under the sun. It is under $20 and I'm wearing the S/M size. Unfortunately not linkable anymore. But will link a similar one or a straw bucket hat if that's your taste.🌺

5. I needed a beach bag and a beach backpack of course. I purchased this Marc Jacobs Tote. Which is similar to the Chloe bag all the bloggers have been using. Except it has a better price tag. running just under $200. And then I got this beautiful crochet backpack from this company that I love. I also own another bag of theirs and it's all hand woven from women in Bali. Plus each purchase helps fund their education and healthcare. Their products are eco-friendly as well. 🌺

6. And you can forget a beach towel. I'm so happy I finally pulled the trigger and got myself the perfect and most beautiful beach towel. This is from a company called SandCloud.Com. Nobody likes a wet soggy beach towel. These towels are super thin but dry you off just like a regular towel. They are made from 100% Turkish cotton.
Their Mission
"Sand Cloud is on a mission to help save Marine Life. As we continue to grow our brand, we are focused on creating the best sustainable products in the world. From packaging to products, everything is designed with sustainability in mind. 🌺 

Let's talking travel essentials
1. I've been wanting to get some packing cubes for a while. I 100% feel like they do save space in your suitcase. I got Sean and me a set. I got the light grey and I got Sean the blue set. They are under $25 and are even machine washable. 🌺

2. Don't forget your portable battery pack, especially for those long flights. It also helps to just have on in general. You never know when you'll need to juice up. I purchased the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack. But I've also included some other more affordable ones that do just as good of a job as the Apple version. 🌺

I'll update you on other items as it gets closer to our trip.
aloha Gabby,🌺

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